high-energy Synth Rock Alternative

high-energy Synth Rock Alternativehigh-energy Synth Rock Alternative


"Crazy awesome! Exactly what I was looking for... #SomethingDifferent" 

-Rocket 93.3

"The whole thing looks absolutely bonkers, which, in our humble opinion, is always good news for the local scene." -Westword

"Time-travelling dance rock pulses sent from future disco heaven."

-Abstract Japan

"One of the most original bands..."

-Claudia Woodman

One of Denver's most energetic acts, The Jinjas have created their own brand of exciting synth rock.  High-energy drums, earthquaking bass, soulful vocals and sparkling keyboards combine to create something truly fresh and original. 

The two collaborators met at a local Denver show, both envisioning a band that would push the envelope.  They agreed to head towards the musical horizon with an open mind and blind faith that they would create something different. As obstacles appeared, the two artists pushed for innovation in order to fulfill their 'make-it-happen' mentality. The result is a band like no other.

 Described as alt rock, dance rock, disco punk, and synth rock alternative, The Jinjas really have created a sound all their own. 

Come see what everyone is talking about. 

Band Members:

Celeste - lead vocals, keys

Tokie - drums, key bass, vocals

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