high-energy Synth Rock Alternative

high-energy Synth Rock Alternativehigh-energy Synth Rock Alternative


Denver Westword January 2020

by Elle Carroll

"Happy New Year, get back to work" seems to be the M.O. of the Denver-based Jinjas, who are wasting no time in 2020 with a show in support of (also local) psych-punk outfit Throwing Things. The Jinjas don't have much in the way of recordings, save for a pair of demos on Bandcamp and a couple of videos from a June 2019 live performance in which the frontperson rocks a fuzzy keytar while her counterpart goes at the drums with his right hand and a double stack of synths with his left (We can hardly tap our heads while rubbing our stomachs, so we think it's pretty impressive.) The whole thing looks absolutely bonkers, which, in our humble opinion, is always good news for the local scene.